Gastronomy and wine – a fruitful love affair

Wine and food walks hand in hand. If both are chosen carefully, they strengthen each other. One plus the other gives a third, even more complex experience. For members and lovers of gastronomy VinCE Budapest offers: a professional day, gourmet products offered by the best companies or manufactures and masterclasses of gastronomy.

Gastronomy masterclasses of VinCE Budapest



Researching scientists, chefs or simply maniac people? The Belgian founder will introduce its audience to the fantastic world of moleculary gastronomy.

Educating course

Sous-vide, confit, mousse – do you really know what these words mean? If your cooking knowledge needs some facelifting, this masterclass is for you.

Professional day

Members of gastronomy are welcome on the Professional day as well, on the 23rd of March. On this day tasting time is shorter (only from 15.00 to 19.00), but its price is lower as well, only 4000 HUF instead of the 8000 HUF on Saturday on Sunday. When purchasing the ticket, please fill in the gap regarding your title (sommelier, chef, etc.) and your company so that we can prepare your badge, which will be handed to you at the registration of the event.

Exhibitors – gourmet

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