Steven Spurrier, United Kingdom

The legendary figure of wine world, whose consciousness was more important then his passion for French wine. In 1976 he organized and managed the Paris Tasting or Judgement of Paris, where – to everyone’s surprise – California won over France – a result which have changed wine history for ever.
Steven Spurrier will be in Budapest to evaluate Hungarian wines and to show his favourite Bordeaux blends in a brilliant masterclass.

Gary Vaynerchuk, United States

Come and taste together with the most famous wine blogger and wine media personality! After a long procedure of negotiation VinCE signed a contract with Gary Vaynerchuk, the “Wine Guy”, who will speak and hold a tasting for Central Europen audience for the first time. The wine expert of Russian origin will taste Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Georgian and Russian wines in his New York studio, while his audience will follow him and taste with him in the ballroom of Corinthia Hotel Budapest. The lifelike experience is guaranteed by professional technical equipment and the several rehearsals before the event.

Régis Camus, France

Régis Camus was born and raised in the Thiérache region in France. Born into a family of farmers, he adopted Reims as his home 35 years ago. After studying biology and biochemistry, he developed an interest in winemaking and took a series of intensive oenology courses in Reims. In 1979, began his career in Champagne, where he worked in many different positions, from oenologist to winemaker. In 1988, he became the youngest president of the Regional Union of Oenologists, a post he occupied until 1994. Celebrated champagne maker Daniel Thibault soon made his acquaintance and they became close friends. In January 1994, Camus arrived at Champagnes Piper-Heidsieck & Charles Heidsieck. Understanding the supreme importance of relationships with the grape farmers, Camus made it his priority to strengthen them and in 2000, he was entrusted with the renewal of grape supply contracts. In 2002, upon the death of Daniel Thibault, Régis Camus became official winemaker for both Maisons: Piper-Heidsieck and Charles Heidsieck. Only two years later, in 2004, Régis Camus was awarded the title of “Sparkling Winemaker of the Year” by London’s prestigious International Wine Challenge, specifically in recognition of his transformation of Piper-Heidsieck. In addition to a host of other awards and trophies, the International Wine Challenge has named Régis Camus its “Sparkling Winemaker of the Year” for the last five consecutive years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Today he is recognized around the world – and among his peers – as one of Champagne’s most talented winemakers. At VinCE Budapest he will present not only the best sparklings of the house, but some rare gems of Piper-Heidsieck as well.For more information about Piper-Heidsieck: www.facebook.com/Champagne.Piper.Heidsieck, TWITTER @Piper_Heidsieck, www.piper-heidsieck.com

Christian Holthausen, France

Based between Reims and Paris, Christian Holthausen, 37, spends most of his days traveling the four corners of the world as the privileged spokesperson for the Houses of Champagne Piper-Heidsieck and Champagne Charles Heidsieck. When he is at home in France, Christian works closely with chef de caves Régis Camus and his oenological team and also meets regularly with the marketing and commercial teams, giving him an intimate knowledge of the activities of the Houses.
Prior to arriving in France in January 2006, Christian was based in New York and spent five years at Rémy Cointreau USA where he was in charge of U.S. public relations for fourteen premium wineries – including Champagne Piper-Heidsieck, Champagne Charles Heidsieck, Antinori, Masi, Vietti and Laroche – after enjoying four years as the U.S. brand manager for the Champagne division. Prior to his tenure at Rémy Cointreau USA, Christian spent two years working in supplier relations and operations for Clicquot, Inc., the American subsidiary of Champagne Veuve Clicquot.
Christian was born in the United States in the seaside town of Westbrook, Connecticut, and maintains a strong affinity for New England seafood and locally grown produce. A graduate of Vassar College, Christian majored in literature and feminist theory before moving to Paris for two years, earning a post graduate degree in French from Paris IV La Sorbonne before embarking upon his career in the wine industry.
Christian has a huge role in bringing Piper-Heidsieck to Budapest. He will present the fascinating sparklings of the House together with Régis Camus.For more information about Piper-Heidsieck: www.facebook.com/Champagne.Piper.Heidsieck, TWITTER @Piper_Heidsieck, www.piper-heidsieck.com

Caro Maurer, Germany

“One thing is clear from the very beginning: I didn’t do this so that I could pose for Playboy wearing only grapes as a cover. I did it for myself “. This statement was made in an interview by Caro Maurer, who is the first German woman with the title “Master of Wine”
Caro Maurer is journalist. Born and raised in Bavaria, she studied Science of Communication in Munich and finished as Master of Arts. She started her career as a correspondent in New York and Los Angeles. After returning to Germany she first worked as editor for the German edition of Forbes magazine, followed by Die Welt (The World), a nationwide newspaper, both times responsible for the lifestyle section, including food and wine. Since the early 1990s she has worked as a freelance writer, fully concentrating on food and wine, the latter becoming her major subject. She finished the WSET diploma level five as Germany’s top student. Now she shares her working time between the General-Anzeiger, the daily newspaper in Bonn, responsible for the food and wine section, and as a writer for the two magazines Der Feinschmecker (The Gourmet) and Fine, the German edition of the wine magazine. When she is not writing, tasting or drinking, her secret passion is playing a very old traditional Bavarian card game, Schafkopf (sheep’s head), with three other Bavarian expatriates in a hidden cosy inn in Bonn.

Peter McCombie, United Kingdom

Peter McCombie is a New Zealand-born, English resident Master of Wine, based in London. After ten years of handling prestige On Trade accounts for three of London’s leading merchants, Peter now operates an independent wine consultancy service, principally for hotels and restaurants, as well as writing and speaking about wine. Peter McCombie was awarded the Master of Wine qualification in 1994, while working for Italian specialist merchant Winecellars. The qualification, which is for wine professionals only, covers all aspects of wine from viticulture and winemaking through to marketing and tasting. He has subsequently taught MW students and is a Wine & Spirit Education Trust Accredited Tutor. He is wine consultant to a number of restaurants and hotels. Previous clients have included the Cinnamon Club, Groupe Chez Gerard, Searcy’s, Sonny’s Restaurants and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. Current clients include The Dorchester, Villandry, Gruppo, Moro and The Zetter. Peter is in demand as a speaker at corporate and public events and writes for Square Meal, Restaurant, Wallpaper, Dorchester Magazine, Decanter and Sainsbury’s Magazine. He tastes for WINE and Decanter magazines and judges at the world’s largest wine competition the International Wine Challenge.

Pedro Silva Reis, Portugal

Pedro Silva Reis is the current President of Real Companhia Velha, the oldest Porto Wine company, founded in 1756 by Royal Charter of King Dom José I.
The company belongs to the Silva Reis family and Pedro’s career has been entirely dedicated to running the family’s business. Having completed his school education in Portugal, he graduated in oenology at the University of Bordeaux.
Pedro started working for the company in 1982, having trained in all key areas of the business – production, sales, marketing and financial department.
In 1996, he was the mentor of a long term plan developing the study of all aspects of wine production and with a new team of viticulturists and winemakers created the Fine Wine Division.
In 2002, at the age of forty, Pedro is appointed as President of Real Companhia Velha, succeeding to his father, Manuel da Silva Reis, who carried out this activity with great dedication for 40 years.

Stéphane Vidal, France

Since 2007 Stéphane Vidal is the Global Director Enology for Nomacorc. He was first in charge of research programs dealing with the influence of closure OTR on wine evolution. These programs are performed in collaboration with renowned Wine Research Institutes and Universities like INRA in France, AWRI in Australia, UC Davis in the USA, Geisenheim in Germany and PUC in Chile.
Stéphane was the chairman of the scientific committee of O2 in Wines from 2008 to 2011 and organized for this association two international conferences on Oxygen in Wines.
Today Stéphane is leading all the Nomacorc Oxygen Management initiatives. On top of developing always new knowledge, Stéphane’s team is at the forefront of the development of new tools for the wine industry as it comes to Oxygen Management. These innovations include the NomaSense oxygen analyzer, the NomaSelector software allowing to define the right closure OTR for specific wines and the Select Series, a new line of closures with a broad range of OTR. (OTR=Oxygen Transfer Rate)
Stéphane is involved in wine research since 1994. He did his PhD at the INRA in Montpellier working on wine and grape polysaccharides. He then focused on wine polyphenols structures and their influence on mouth feel during his post-doc at the AWRI in Australia.
Prior to working for Nomacorc, Stéphane was the head of the Inter Rhône laboratory (interprofessional laboratory for all the Rhône Valley wines) and was developing new analytical methods for the wine industry. He was also running an European research program on wine Flavonoids.

Tony Aspler, Canada

Tony Aspler has been writing about wine since 1975. He was the Toronto Star’s wine columnist for 21 years and has authored sixteen books on wine and food, including ‘The Wine Atlas of Canada,’ ‘Vintage Canada,’ The Wine Lover’s Companion`, `The Wine Lover Cooks` and `Travels With My Corkscrew‘. His latest book is, ‘Tony Aspler’s Cellar Book.’ In December 2007, Tony was awarded the Order of Canada. Tony co-founded the charitable foundation Grapes for Humanity.` which raises money through the wine community for the victims of landmines and children with disabilities.
Tony is an accomplished wine educator and lecturer. He averages 40–50 personal appearances a year at seminars and lectures.
Tony is the creator of the annual Ontario Wine Awards competition, an honorary governor of Cuvée and a director of the Independent Wine & Spirit Trust. He is also a director of The Canadian Wine Library. At the Niagara Grape & Wine Festival 2000, Tony was presented with the “Royal Bank Business Citizen of the Year” Award.
Tony writes for a number of international wine magazines, including Wine Spectator, Meininger’s Wine Business International, Tidings, Post City Magazines, Lexpert, Fine Wine & Liquor (China) and www.decanter.com. He is the Canadian contributor to Tom Stevenson’s annual Wine Report and to Oz Clarke’s annual Pocket Wine Guide. You can hear Tony on 680News – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – talking about wine.
Tony also writes fiction. He is the author of nine novels. His latest series is a collection of wine murder mysteries featuring the itinerant wine writer/detective Ezra Brant: Blood Is Thicker Than Beaujolais, The Beast of Barbaresco and Death On The Douro (published by Warwick Publishing). He is currently working on Nightmare In Napa Valley.
At VinCE Tony Aspler will hold a masterclass about ice wines – certainly with some great Canadian ice wines besides other nations’ ice wines.

Bernard Lahousse, Belgium

SENSE for TASTE is a dynamic research-based company supporting chefs, bartenders and food companies in their search for tasteful food. The team of scientists, product developers and chefs work together with top chefs, food companies and universities all over the world. SENSE for TASTE developed Foodpairing, a science based method of matching different food together.
Foodpairing is a method for identifying which foods go well together. The method is based on the principle that foods combine well with one another when they share major flavour components. Therefore the Foodpairing process starts with a flavour analysis of a product, that is to be combined. The process results in a Foodpairing tree; a visual aid for chefs and cocktailmakers that indicates which ingredients match from a flavour perspective.
Bernard Lahousse is the founder of Foodpairing. At VinCE Budapest Barnard will present a new research of them – of course with tasting. Do not miss the molecular breakfast on March 25th, 9.30!More about Foodpairing:www.foodpairing.com

Christian González, Spain

Christian González was born in Zaragoza in 1973. Graduated in Law and specialized in international and EU Law, he started his career in the wine industry in Bodegas Torres, where he acquired a sound wine marketing and sales background. Since 2007 he works as Sales Manager at the Premium Cava producer Pere Ventura in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, south of Barcelona, and is also involved in quality management and educational projects in the company.
Passionate about wine, Christian currently holds the WSET Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits and is a 2nd year student of the WSET Diploma program.
At Vince Christian will introduce you to the world of Cava, one of the finest sparkling wines in the world, and will present Pere Ventura’s fine Cuvées.
For more information about Pere Ventura: www.pereventura.com

Olivier Dusautoir, Franciaország

Olivier Dusautoir was born in Paris 59 years ago. Married with three sons. His wife is an oenologist and marketing professor in various business schools in France. Dusautoir entered the wines & spirits sector in 1984. Since then…
– With Rémy Martin Cognac: international spokesman and product manager for Louis XIII (already then the most expensive cognac), international brand manager.
– With Rémy Cointreau Group: 2 years in Mexico to set up the Remy Cointreau subsidiary office.
– With LVMH: regional sales director for Champagne Pommery for Asia-Pacific, southern Europe and latin American markets.
– With M. Chapoutier (wines from the Rhône valley): sales director
– With Vignobles André Lurton (wines from Bordeaux): sales director
– With Selles (wine negociant in Burgundy and Beaujolais): export director
Now he works for Armagnac Janneau as international sales director.
At VinCE he will present Janneau Armagnacs on Sunday, 15.30.

Helmut Adam, Németország

Born in Switzerland, Austrian-German Helmut Adam can look back on 10 years working experience as bartender and bar manager in London, Zurich, Vienna and Berlin. In 2002 he co-founded the German bar trade magazine Mixology. He is also co-organizer and shareholder of Germany’s premier bar trade show Bar Convent Berlin, that was founded in 2007. In addition to his role as publisher of Mixology magazine, he contributes on a regular basis as drinks writer to various international publications such as “Imbibe UK”, Chinese trade magazine “Drink”and Australian “Bartender Magazine”. Last but not least he is co-author of the renowned German cocktail book encyclopedia “Cocktailian”.
At VinCE Helmut Adam will introduce the international trends of bitter liqueurs to his audience and he will certainly fascinate participants with his amazing cocktail mixing skill as well.
Zwack Bitter Course, March 24, 17.30–19.00

László Romsics, Hungary

International wine academics and the student of the London Institute of Masters of Wine. A wine writer and the consultant editor of Decanter Hungary since its start in 2004. He is also a winemaker and the chief winemaker of György-Villa with lands in the Etyek–Buda wine region and Villány. Mr Romsics also acts as lecturer at national wine academies.
Last year he had an extremely successful workshop with Zsolt Zólyomi, the perfume expert. In 2012 we place the duo in the big ballroom, so that they can play their brilliant play with the scents and tastes of wines, spirits and perfumes.

Zsolt Zólyomi, Hungary

The one and only Hungarian ‘nose’. The diploma of the Versailles school of perfumes founded by Jean-Paul Guerlain is the MW degree in perfumery. What could be more stylish than studying luxurious cosmetics in the court of the Sun king (See www.isipca.fr)? Nevertheless, Zsolt Zólyomi is the only Hungarian who has ever graduated from the master course in perfumery of the Fragrance Academy.
His recent determining experience was his visit to Cognac Frapin where he had an insight into the art of making cognac. The aim was to fully understand cognac to be able to create the perfumes telling the tales of cognac upon the request of Cognac Frapin. This enchanting world of fragrances and flavours opened its gates to the visitors of his workshop last year. In 2012 they will go further: we place the duo in the big ballroom, so that they can play their brilliant play with the scents and tastes of wines, spirits and perfumes.
For further information see www.leparfum.hu

Gabriella Mészáros, Hungary

The first Hungarian to have earned the Wine Academic qualification, Gabriella Mészáros is director and chief lecturer of the College of Wine, the wine education and training center established in 1996. She has also pursued several related activities as international wine consultant, author of several wine publications, and an expert personal wine coach. Her school is a veritable jumping board into the real world of wine, whether the specialization you seek is in wine-making, sales, hospitality, professional literature, or education. The results are guaranteed by Gabriella’s commitment to and pioneering role in popularizing the culture of wine in Hungary. In addition to lay connoisseurs thirsty for knowledge, staff and family members of wineries from around the country have gained a deep insight into the wines of Hungary and the world through their involvement with the College. They and the institution have been instrumental in pointing the way to a new generation of winemakers that is poised ideally between tradition and progress. The erudition we offer — being versed in the extra sophistication Hungarian wines can possess — goes beyond the value of being simply well informed. It contributes to improving the quality of Hungarian wine across the board, ultimately aiding its genuine adoption into European wine culture.

Ágnes Herczeg, Hungary

Ágnes Herczeg AIWS and WSET Certified Educator and student of the Master of Wine Institute has dealt with wine for more than ten years. Her book “Borok a konyhában” (Wines in the Kitchen) was published in 2010. She regularly participates in wine contests as member of the tasting panel and frequently publicates in wine magazines. In 2011 February she was appointed president of Gróf Buttler Winery, Eger, Hungary. At VinCE 2011 she examined the importance of barrels and oak, certainly with tasting – with great success. In 2012 March she will presumably break taboos by asking questions like: “Is cultivated yeast a means of evil or is it a bless of civilization which we should work with?” Taste 12 different wines made in 12 different ways – from the same fruit. The 12 faces of shiraz will probably be one of the most exciting programmes of VinCE Budapest.

Malatinszky Csaba, Magyarország

„Malatinszky Csabának bizonyára még az ereiben is Cabernet Franc folyik. 30 hektáros birtokán, szőlőit már-már megszállottan ápolja Dél-Magyaroszág Villány-Siklósi borvidéken. Mint állítja: igénye és kapacitása sincs nagyobb termőterületre, hiszen azt már nem felügyelhetné személyesen. A korábban sommellier-ként tevékenykedő borász birtokán 2009 óta biotermeléssel készülnek a borok. Pincészete híres harmonikus, komplex vörösborairól, különös tekintettel a villányi terroirhoz leginkább illő Cabernet Franc-ra, mely csakúgy része a Malatinszky Kúria zászlóshajójaként számon tartott, mindenkit lenyűgöző szűretlen sorozatának, mint a Kövesföld (dűlőszelektált Bordeux-i összeállítás). Malatinszky fehérborait, az aromás Serenát és a kifinomult Chardonnay-t is érdemes megízlelni.”
Caroline Gilby, Decanter 2011

János Lucsik, Hungary

Mr Lucsik is a Hungarian businessman, executive of several succesful companies. In 2009 he was awarded The Enterpreneur of the Year. He is co-owner and executive manager of WellKomm Ltd, an importer and distributor of premium spirits. Dealing with premium brands is an evidence of his passion for quality. He works hard and believes that we should find real values in our lives, and if we have found them, we should stick to them for a lifetime.
WellKomm Ltd. – with a small group of passionate people – have achieved a significant role of spirit market of Hungary by now. Within their brands we can find ARARAT, the legendary Armenian brandy and Carat Premium Vodka, which won the firts prize at VinCE Magazine vodka panel tasting (within its price segment) among many other fascinating awards.
From this year WellKomm is to introduce the Belgian liquor brand Radermacher including After chocolate liquor (white chocolate as well), a coffee liquor and Violette – a violet liquor, a perfect choice for ladies instead of a bunch of flowers, while Woodberries is a liquor with the essence of spring. www.premiumital.hu, www.araratbrandy.hu

István Kiss Dr., Hungary

Mr Kiss graduated at Corvinus University of Horticulture and Viticulture and obtained his master’s degree here as well. Following his graduation, István Kiss gained international experience in Brazilia, France and Germany.
From 2004 he is a member European Wine Knights Order, from 2005 he is vice president of
Tokajvinum Hungaricum association, from 2008 Councellor European Wine Knights Order, from 2009 he is member of the Agricultural Board of the Hungarian Academy of Science, from 2010 he is member of Hungarian Wine Academy.
István Kiss was executive manager of family winery István Kiss from 1994 to 2009 (Fitomark-94 Szőlő, Gyümölcs Feldolgozó és Értékesítő Kft.). From this period he is most proud of a Decanter Trophy in sweet white wine category at Decanter World Wine Award.
From 2009 István Kiss is executive director of Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. Under his coordination a huge transformation and modernization began. As a consequence of deliberate and conscious plans, Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. is now one of the most up to date wineries of Tokaj region. In 2011 the winery won 52 awards at 49 respected Hungarian and foreign wine contests, among them 2 gold medals at Challenge International du Vin, Best is Class gold medal in London, the Best Sweet Wine at Shanghai Wine Challenge.

István Ipacs Szabó, Hungary

When he was a young winemaker, he gained experience in the world’s famous wine regions. In 1999 he joined the passionate Vylyan team, where he has been working as the winemaker-in-chief for 13 years with professional calling, strong-minded ideas and a good sense of humor.
Wine is a passion and profession for him and he lives and works in harmony with nature.
They are cultivating Cabernet Franc grapes on the warm, southern slopes of Mandolás vineyard. The slope was named after the old almond trees (MANDOLÁS) that used to grow here in the past. He is certain that the previous year’s proved that the Cabernet Franc from Villany wine region has a mission in the world. Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány. As well as he did.

Toronyi Zsuzsa, Hungary

Zsuzsa Toronyi is one of the foundesr of the WSET APP ower Central European Wine Institute (CEWI). She works for Zwack Isabella Wine merchant company as wine professional, wine buyer.
Toronyi regularly organizes several wine contests and participates as member of the tasting panel and in wine magazines tasting events.
By now they offer numerous courses from the one day „tourist-course” to the WSET advanced course. The school works with internationally renowned experts. CEWI places special emphasis – besides the winemaking of Hungary and the world’s most famous wine regions – on the Central European specialities, terroirs, varieties. They are investigating the potential of the Central European grae varieties on theri tastings, mastercasses.
He regularly participates in wine contests as member of the tasting panel and in wine magazines tastings.
On the VinCE 2011 CEWI masterclass introduced Welsch rieslings from Hungary and the neighbouring countries with outstanding success.
This year András Horkay and Zsuzsa Toronyi will run a masterclass featuring Kékfrankos /Blaufrankisch from outstanding winemakers of Hungary and the neighbouring countries.For more information visit: www.cewi.hu

Horkay András, Hungary

András Horkay is the manager of the youngest wine school with WSET accreditation. CEWI
(Central European Wine Institute) was founded in 2010 with Zsuzsa Toronyi and Gábor Patkó. By now they offer numerous courses from the one day „tourist-course” to the WSET advanced course. The school works with internationally renowned experts. CEWI places special emphasis – besides the winemaking of Hungary and the world’s most famous wine regions – on the Central European specialities, terroirs, varieties. They are investigating the potential of the Central European grae varieties on theri tastings, mastercasses.
András Horkay gathers knowledge of food and wine pairing „right from the cooker”, since he is the owner of the restaurant Tabán Terasz.
He regularly participates in wine contests as member of the tasting panel and in wine magazines tastings.
On the VinCE 2011 his masterclass introduced Welsch rieslings from Hungary and the neighbouring countries.
This year András Horkay and Zsuzsa Toronyi will run a masterclass featuring Kékfrankos /Blaufrankisch from outstanding winemakers of Hungary and the neighbouring countries.
For more information visit: www.cewi.hu

Darrel Joseph Austria / United States

Darrel Joseph is based in Vienna, Austria, and writes about the wines and wine regions of Central and Eastern Europe for publications including Decanter and Harpers Wine & Spirit in Great Britain, Meininger’s Wine Business International in Germany and wein-pur in Austria. His work has been published also in the Wine Spectator in the United States and he has contributed to Hugh Johnson´s Pocket Wine Book. Other publications include wein-pur’s Best of Austria. He was the English language editor of the book Tokaj, The Wine of Freedom, by Lászlo Alkonyi.
In addition to his writing, Darrel participates as a judge in international wine tastings and competitions, including the renowned Decanter World Wine Awards in London. He has also judged for numerous other competitions, such as Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, the Berlin Wine Trophy, the Pannon Bormustra in Hungary and Vinistra in Croatia.
Darrel also conducts wine tastings and presentations for wine clubs, wine schools, businesses and private clients throughout Europe, including the London International Wine Fair.
Darrel was born in Ohio, USA, and he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. He also has taken wine courses at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London. He has been a television and radio moderator, and continues his side profession as a voice-over recording speaker.
At VinCE, Darrel will be conducting a workshop on the wines of Croatia.