Exhibitors – spirits

Wine lovers are usually keen spirit lovers as well, therefore VinCE Budapest offers several exciting spirits to taste. Discover the 100% pure fruit made Hungarian “pálinka”, taste the Armenian brandy called Ararat and try to guess the ingredients of Hungary’s world famous bitter liqueur called Unicum

Pálinka – the Hungarian Spirit
(list of exhibitors will be refreshed continuously)
Come and taste “spiritual Hungary”! Pálinka is a spirit made purely from healthy, juicy, wonderful Hungarian fruits. At VinCE Budapest you can taste the products of the best distilleries.

HunDeszt top spirits
Gyulai Pálnika Manufaktúra, Hungary
Nobilis Pálinka, Hungary

Spirit exhibitors of VinCE Budapest
(list of exhibitors will be refreshed continuously)

Ararat Brandy, Hungary
WhiskyNET, Hungary
Zwack Unicum
, Hungary